Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Ted Williams

Ted Williams was a homeless man who this morning was discovered due to a video that went viral. He has a golden radio voice however he had become an addict and fallen on tough times. He was videoed by a motorist and caught the interest of some Ohio radio hosts. Shortly after appearing he was pummeled with a tsunami of job offers ranging from small time voice over work to a full time position complete with a new house.  This is an extraordinary tale of a man who gained a second chance. It brings hope and reaffirms my belief that anything can happen at an time for an reason.  I listened to the complete broadcast however it was recorded and can be heard here too.

Look out for more Ted Williams as I am sure he will be seen around the media for awhile but it remains to bee seen whether this rare gem of a story will fall out of the public interest or remain a media legend for years to come.  So thats what is going on today

In Stereo Parkway news we are still hard at work and i am currently on the prowl for a new employment situation. Not going to mention where I used to work but they have phone and internet service and rhymes with ASSHOLERIZON. To be honest it wasn't even the company so much as the stupidity of the average consumer that I grew tired of.

In closing loyal fans I will be doing more of these in the days weeks months and years to come so please support us watch videos and share with our friends there is plenty SP to go around.

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